So you’re new to Linux and you’ve decided to start with Ubuntu! Quite a good choice indeed. Besides it’s well-known easy interface and the revolution it brought to the world of Linux making it way more accessible for not so skilled users, Ubuntu also offers it’s fans the possibility to use top notch software at no cost, given there’s plenty of open-source software for pretty much any need you might have as a Linux user.

One of the biggest struggles of Windows users is having legal software! Most of the time people struggle with one of the “must have” pieces for any modern computer: an office suite! On Ubuntu you won’t have to worry about it, not for a single second as Ubuntu comes with the Libre Office suite pre-installed and besides that you can find lots of other packages, also free, that you can use, such as WPS Office, which includes a PDF viewer with similar functionalities to the famous Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Graphic editors – GIMP & Inkscape

If you ever dreamed about fancy graphics and other appealing visual things then you’ve probably faced the high price of Photoshop, the world’s most popular graphic software. But you won’t have to worry at all on Ubuntu as you have an extremely powerful tool, comparable to  Photoshop which is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). Besides the fact that it’s totally free and offers very similar functionalities as it’s well better known competitor, once you’ll start using GIMP you’ll also enjoy lots and lots of free tutorials (both written and video ones).

For those of you who are into more professional stuff such as vectorial graphic design, Inkscape is going to be a fantastic companion. Again, totally free as this wonderful piece of software is also open-source. Install it today and start diving into the art of creating amazingly appealing vectorial images.

Audio editing

For those of you who enjoy playing with sound then you should be aware that there are lots of fantastic tools that you can use as a Ubuntu Linux user. Two of the most popular ones out there are Audacity and LMMS, which are easy to install and quite easy to learn using. While Audacity is actually the best one for complete beginners as it can be use for basic sound editing tasks, LMMS is going to compare with any premium audio editors on the marker… but it’s totally free!

Video editing

Of course, video editing can’t be something that the Linux software developing community could have neglected. If you’re search online you’ll be offered a wide range of video editors to choose from. But we’d recommend checking out KdenLive first of all.

You can easily put it to work in order to trim a video clip before using it however you’d need it or if you’d like to add some fancy effects to it. Don’t hesitate to start working with Kdenlive right away!


Being such a popular Internet service you can definitely anticipate that there are plenty of free email clients that you can use on Ubuntu. Mozilla Thunderbird is also available on Ubuntu and it does a wonderful job. Besides that you can also consider Geary e-mail client or Evolution.

Screen recorders

Those who don’t use a computer just for browsing of listening to music will definitely need some more specialized tools. Screen records are indeed some very useful tools for professionals. Ubuntu doesn’t lack options here neither.

Kazam is the most simple yet still powerful solution for all your screen recording needs. It comes with some very useful features that you’re going to start loving for sure.

Flameshot and Ksnip are two very useful pieces of software that you will find very easy to use, extremely useful and powerful at the same time whenever you’ll need to take screenshots and annotate them.

Watching video clips

Of course we’re not talking here about streaming videos that you’re going to watch online by using a web browser. We’re talking about a piece of software that can make watching films and play DVDs with ease. And that’s VLC, a versatile desktop media player that will play pretty much any media format and can also transcode video from one format to another. Definitely a must have app for any Linux user, especially for newbies.

Instant messaging

Most popular instant messaging services such as Skype, Hangouts, ICQ or Telegram offer versions for Ubuntu Linux as well. But there are some really nice all-in-one tools that you can choose to use and have different messaging services running at the same time through it. One of the most popular pieces of that kind is Franz!

Miscellaneous apps for Ubuntu Linux

The world of Linux comes with a huge amount of free software as the OS is itself. So basically, no matter what you’d need you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it.

There are of course many other things you’ll need just as you need on Windows but since you’re a beginner you probably never heard of some of those. For example, for music playing you can check out Clementine, a really nice player with lots of customization options.

Some of us also want to know how weather changes in real time in order to adapt themselves and always be prepare to face any kind of weather. Ubuntu won’t create you any troubles if you’ll want to use your pc to keep up with that because you can have multiple weather indicators to pinpoint the location you’d like to get weather reports for.

Many other widgets are available to make you desktop look exactly the way you want and need it. You should keep in mind that the only thing you can’t find on Linux is something that no person ever needed it before. Otherwise, there’s certainly something already created that you could start using right away… totally free!